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Professional Groups

The membership of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland is divided into specialist areas within the construction, land and property sectors. These are divided into 12 areas of specialisation, called Professional Groups (formerly known as divisions). The Professional Groups’ primary role is to develop technical standards, generating professional guidance and information.

Construction Professional Groups

The Construction section comprises of three Professional Groups, Building Surveyors, Project Management Surveyors and Quantity Surveyors.

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Land Professional Groups

The Land Sector comprises of four Professional Groups, Geomatic Surveyors, Mineral Surveyors, Planning and Development Surveyors and Rural Surveyors.

  • Geomatics Surveyors map the built and natural environment to provide accurate spatial data which facilitates planning, development and conservation.

  • Minerals Surveyors specialise in providing professional advice in the life cycle of minerals and waste developments.

  • Planning and Development Surveyors manage the proposals to develop new or refurbish existing buildings.

  • Rural Surveyors value, manage and sell agricultural land including forestry.

Property Professional Groups

Within the SCSI’s property sector there are five Professional Groups, the Commercial Agency Surveyors, Property and Facilities Management Surveyors, Residential Agency Surveyors, Valuation Surveyors and Art and Antiques Surveyors.

  • Residential Agency Surveyors provide professional expertise in the valuation, management, letting and sale of residential property.

  • Commercial Agency Surveyors provide professional expertise in the valuation, management, letting and sale of commercial property.

  • Valuation Surveyors provide professional expertise in valuations, acquisitions, disposals, investments and rent reviews for all types of property.

  • Property and Facilities Management Surveyors provide professional management services for residential and commercial multi-unit developments and facilities.

  • Arts and Antiques Surveyors provide professional expertise in the valuation and sale of arts and antiques.