What is a Minerals Surveyor?


The Chartered Minerals Surveyor is an expert in the economics and practice of Minerals Surveying. They provide advice and assistance in the full life cycle of mineral development, from initial prospecting, through the period of extraction to restoration, and the ultimate after use.

Range of expert services

Examples of the type, scope and range of expert services that the Minerals Surveyor provides are listed below.


At the prospecting stage the Mineral Surveyor is able to:

  • Identify potential mineral resources and assess quantity and quality

  • Quantify void capacity for waste developments

  • Undertake prospecting including preparation of geological and prospecting reports

  • Undertake topographic and geological mapping.

  • Undertake valuations of mineral reserves and provide advice on acquisition, including licence and lease options.


At the planning stage the Mineral Surveyor is able to:

  • Liaise with regulatory authorities including ‘scoping’

  • Design mineral extraction schemes

  • Prepare planning applications and environmental impact statements (EIS).

  • Undertake planning appeals.

  • Provide expert opinion at oral planning hearings.

  • Prepare environmental management systems (EMS).

  • Monitor planning and environmental compliance.

  • Prepare air and water emissions permit/licence applications.

  • Prepare waste licence/permit applications for landfill/ recovery facilities.

Minerals Management

  • Administration of mineral properties through protection of statutory rights.

  • Negotiation of licence, leases, rents and royalty reviews.

  • Valuation for rates and provision of expert opinion at rates tribunals.

  • Survey control and setting out including statutory mine surveys.

  • Monitoring mineral extraction rates and quality and quantity

  • Environmental Monitoring (noise, dust, vibration, water quality).

  • Claims for compensation arising from compulsory purchase orders.

  • Valuations for assets disposal by freehold, leasehold and/or licence.

  • Schemes for the restoration of derelict and contaminated land.

  • Aftercare planning for minerals working restoration.

Benefits of being a Chartered Minerals Surveyor

The work of the Chartered Minerals Surveyor is varied and interesting, providing a specialist service through expertise. With the high demand for minerals, such as from the metalliferous mines and from stone and aggregates for the construction industry, there is tremendous scope for employment here in Ireland either through direct employment by quarry/mine operators or through the specialist consultancies.

There are various routes to becoming a Chartered Minerals Surveyor and those interested should contact the Society of Chartered Surveyors directly.