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  • Health & Safety Legislation

  • SCSI

  • 29/05/2019 12:30

  • 29/05/2019 12:30

  • RSAI , 63 Merrion Square, Dublin 2

  • Lauren O'Donnell

  • As part of the YSCSI PQSL Series, Niall Harrington of Linesight will deliver an informative CPD on Health & Safety, focusing on the following elements;

    overview of safety legislation

    Main Requirements – Act vs Regulations

    Roles and Responsibilities – all parties (Employer and Project Construction)

    Key Elements of Safety Legislation (what to watch out for), for example:

    How Competency is Defined and Assessed

    client and employer duties (and how to advise the client and employer of these)

    section 80 (individual liability)

    key use of wording under safety legislation

    Impact of design safety and legislative requirements on projects

    Construction safety – key elements and requirements

    Completion and handover of safety file

    On site safety; visiting sites, employers role and responsibilities; typical accidents to visitors to sites

    Regsitration: From 12.30pm

    Start Time: 1.00pm

    End Time: 2.00pm

    CPD Points: 1.0

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