• Online CPD - Building Acoustics and Noise Nuisance

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  • 14/04/2020 15:00

  • 14/04/2020 16:00

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  • This CPD event will give an overview and an introduction to Acoustics and Noise Nuisance, the presenter Dermot Moloney is an expert in the field of noise monitoring and assessment for clients in the public and private sectors.  His company, Acoustic & Environmental Consultants Limited, (T/A, Moloney & Associates) undertake a wide range of occupational hygiene and environmental consultancy.  They provide guidance, expertise and testimonial services to a number of leading insurance companies. Their consultants have regularly given evidence at court trials, oral hearings for environmental licences and at planning enquiries.

    This CPD event will give an overview of the following areas: 

    • Key properties of Sound
    • Noise Nuisance
    • Complaint Investigations
    • Noise Surveys

    Speaker Bio, Dermot Moloney, Acoustic & Environmental Consultants Limited (T/A, Moloney & Associates)

    Dermot is a Chartered Scientist, an Acoustician and Occupational Hygienist.  Dermot originally graduated with a BSc (Environmental Health) and subsequently undertook post-graduate studies whist working in acoustic and occupational hygiene consultancy.  He holds an MSc in Occupational Hygiene (with distinction), a First Class Honours MSc (Env. Protection) and an MSc in Applied Acoustics – with distinction.

    Dermot has widespread acoustical and occupational hygiene consultancy experience.  Prior to establishing Moloney & Associates he managed a university-based Environmental Consultancy and worked as a Scientific Officer in Eolas – the Irish Science and Technology Agency.

    Since 2005 Dermot has been an invited guest lecturer and examiner on at many professional societies and academic institutes.   He is the manager of an IOA Accredited Training Centre and Senior Tutor on Environmental and Workplace noise courses and is a course tutor on a range of international Occupational Hygiene courses.


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