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Dispute Resolution Standing Committee

The Dispute Resolution Standing Committee was established in January 2011. In recognition of the agenda relating to Dispute Resolution across all areas of professional practice members have come together to formulate the strategic direction of this important area of surveying practice and to agree a three year business plan.

The purpose of the Dispute Resolution Standing Committee is to:

  • Define and seek to maintain high standards of practice and competence in the area of Dispute Resolution in professional practice;

  • Publish practice statements, guidance notes and information papers relevant to Dispute Resolution;

  • Facilitate the provision and promotion of appropriate high quality CPD and training and development events for members;

  • Seek to foster pupilage and mentorship

  • Advise, oversee direction and provide leadership for the ongoing development of the Dispute Resolution Service;

  • Take action with regards to and be responsible for matters which affect solely the Dispute Resolution function;

  • Take advantage of public relations opportunities as appropriate and in consultation with the Communications Office;

The Committee is populated by 11 members and is directly supported by the Dispute Resolution Officer who is a staff member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland.  The wider members of the executive staff in conjunction with members are responsible for the execution of the business plan and the development and delivery of a programme of added value member services, including publication of professional and technical information, provision of education and development of policy, as appropriate.