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Suggested CPD Activities

Many different activities can qualify as CPD and you must decide which is the most appropriate for your needs.

The Society does not formally accredit CPD.

Self Certification

Members are responsible for keeping a record of their CPD activity. All CPD is self-certified – the Society does not sign attendance cards.

Download CPD and Training – Your Commitment to Maintaining the Highest Professional Standards to see the Society’s guidance documentation relating to CPD.Suggested Activities

Members often mistakenly presume that CPD is restricted to formal training courses, seminars and workshops. However, you can undertake a wide variety of activity as part of your CPD programme.

The list below will assist you in identifying ways to identify the best methods of CPD for you. Please note it is not an exhaustive list and should be regarded as constructive suggestions:

Formal events

  • Courses, seminars, conferences (Society and other)

  • Workshops and briefing sessions

Long-term qualifications and projects (6 months or more)

  • Full-time study

  • Open/distance learning

  • Contribution to original research

Specific additional vocational/professional activities (experience)

  • Secondments

  • Placements

  • Job changes/exchanges

Meetings, working groups or panels (in-house or external)

  • Special working group

  • Course accreditation visits

  • Internal presentations/discussions

  • APC Counselling/Assessing

  • Board/committee participation

  • Schools initiatives (Day in the Life; career fairs)

Research publications and presentations

  • Research for publication and papers

  • Preparation for presentations

  • Delivering ideas to public meetings

  • Lecturing on careers/the profession

  • Presentation to clients

  • Internal discussions/presentations

Private study, structured reading

  • Assimilation of knowledge from various texts and references

  • Self-study on specific topics

  • Use of internet, audio, video or other multimedia resources and library

On-the-job development — non-surveying specific

  • Special project work

  • Staff training

  • Developing transferable skills, eg languages, IT, business/financial skills

  • Management skills

Online Learning Activities

  • Assimiliation of new SCSI publications

  • Study and assessment of SCSI CPD webcasts and other video presentations