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A Career in Construction Surveying

All construction projects — including housing estates, office developments, airport terminals and national sports stadiums — take a lot of money and expertise to complete and maintain.

Surveyors specialise in one of the following areas of construction:

  • Quantity Surveying

  • Building Surveying

  • Project Management

  • Facilities Management

Surveyors provide value for money through the efficient cost management of construction process — their objective is to control cost, limit risk and add value to the project ensuring that the design and construction of a project delivers value to the client.

Surveyors often act as a project managers — appointed at the beginning of a project, they assist the client in developing the project brief and then selecting, appointing and co-ordinating the project team.

Where do they work?

Surveyors work in all sectors of the construction industry worldwide. In real estate, this covers residential, commercial, industrial, leisure, agricultural and retail facilities. In infrastructure, they work on projects related to roads, railways, waterways, airports, sea ports, coastal defences, power generation and utilities.

Irish surveyors are recognised — and much sought after — as experts in specialised areas, such as the construction of large pharmaceutical facilities and data centres.

What sort of subjects should you be interested in to pursue a career in this area?

Surveying courses in construction cover a wide range of technical skills in the area of science, technology and professional capability. Therefore, you should be interested in subjects such as science, maths, construction technology, law, business and information technology. The courses also place great emphasis on professional skills, including communication, leadership and dispute resolution.