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A Career in Land Surveying

Have you ever wondered who creates the maps that we use on our Smart Phones and SatNavs?

Land Surveyors — also known as Geomatic Surveyors — are the professionals responsible for collecting, processing, managing and analysing geographic information. By creating “intelligent maps”, the surveyor adds information which could, for example, allow you find where you can get the best pizza in town!

Land surveyors use cutting-edge technologies including Geographical Information Systems (GIS), satellites, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and laser scanning, together with state-of-the-art information technologies, in their quest to capture information and convert it into useful, intelligent maps and 3-D models.

The profession is experiencing significant growth as consumers and businesses increasingly use location based services and big data initiatives.

Where do they work?

As extremely versatile professionals, Land Surveyors work in every corner of the world, from the ice caps of Antarctica to the mines of Africa and deep water harbours of Australia — as well, of course, as here in Ireland.

Land Surveying careers entail great diversity, involving indoor and outdoor work locations as well as individual and team-based activities.

Career prospects are good and progression opportunities are excellent — both at home and across the globe. Land Surveyors, including recent graduates, are in full employment and it is predicted that there will be a shortage of qualified graduates to meet the needs of the geo-services industry in the coming years.

What sort of subjects should you be interested in to pursue a career in this area?

This is a profession ideally suited to students who enjoy working with numbers. You should have a good spatial awareness and an interest in geography and information technology. Creativity is also important as mapping and 2-D modelling requires good design skills.