Professional Bodies

Over the years, the SCSI has established links with national and international bodies with similar goals to the Society. These links can be of great benefit to the Society and to individual members. Listed here are the organisations, a brief outline of what they do and the names of their SCSI representatives.


Association d'Experts Européens du Bâtiment et de la Construction (AEEBC)

The AEEBC (The Association of European Experts in Building and Construction) represents those who are professionally qualified in technological and management construction processes across the EU.




Association Européenne des Professions immobilières (CEPI-CEI)


CEPI-CEI (The European Association of Real Estate Professionals) has its roots in two associations. CEPI-CEI is made up of 30 national associations throughout Europe, representing 350,000 estate agency and property management professionals.




Construction Industry Council (CIC)


The Construction Industry Council is comprised of representatives of the six largest construction bodies in Ireland including the Association of Consulting Engineers in Ireland; the Building Materials Federation; the Construction Industry Federation; Engineers Ireland; the RIAI; and, the SCSI.




Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI)


The CIRI is an official online register, supported by the Government, of competent builders, contractors, specialist sub-contractors and tradespersons who carry out construction work in Ireland. Its objective is to be recognised as the primary online resource used by consumers in the public and private procurement of construction services.




Construction IT Alliance (CITA) 


The CITA was established as a research project in DIT Bolton Street in association with Waterford Institute of Technology in May 2001, with the vision of harnessing the potential of ICT in the Irish construction industry. In 2005, the project evolved into a company and actively encourages the construction sector to use new technology to its advantage.




Construction Safety Partnership Advisory Committee (CSPAC) 


The CSPAC is a combination of the Construction Safety Partnership (CSP) and the HSA Construction Advisory Committee. It comprises representatives from across the industry and seeks to promote continuous improvement in health and safety performance in the construction sector.




Property Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA) User Forum

SCSI is a founding member of the PSRA user forum which was set up to discuss industry issues impacting upon Property Service Providers and consumers. This forum was set up in 2016 and consists of other similar organisations and industry agencies.




International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA) 

ICREA is a Consortium of the world's leading real estate associations who believe in the right to own and transfer real property. The Associations set standards for international real estate practice and transactions for the benefit of the industry professionals and the public they serve. The Consortium operates, connecting real estate agents from around the world and encouraging and facilitating international business and referrals.




Fédération Internationale des Géométres (FIG)


The FIG (International Federation of Surveyors) is the premier international organisation representing the interests of surveyors worldwide. It is a federation of national member associations and covers the whole range of professional fields within the global surveying community. It provides an international forum for discussion and development, aiming to promote professional practice and standards.           




International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) Coalition


The ICMS Coalition seeks to establish a global standard for assessing project costs, by defining what should be included within the calculation of construction project costs. This will enable global consistency in project cost reporting.




Irish Green Building Council (IGBC)


The IGBC was launched in 2011 and includes universities, professional institutes, NGOs, local authorities, contractors, architects, engineers, energy companies, and leading national and international companies. The Council aspires to provide leadership to accelerate the rate of change in Ireland to a sustainable built environment.





International Property Measurement Standards Coalition (IPMSC)

The IPMSC is a coalition of over 80 global organisations working together to agree a common method of measurement, so that all measurement of property worldwide is harmonised and more easily benchmarked. There are four separate types of property, which have or will have their own international standards: offices; industrial; residential; and, retail.




Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) 


The RTB is a stakeholder group including other organisations. The group meets quarterly to discuss issues with regard to the rental market and any initiatives being developed by the RTB.

SCSI representative: Karol Jackson, Charted Residential Agency Surveyor 




The Comité de Liaison des Géomètres Européens (CLGE)

The CLGE (Council of European Geodetic Surveyors) represents and promotes the interests of the geodetic surveying profession in the private and public sector in Europe.




The Conseil European des Economistes de la Construction (CEEC)

The CEEC (European Council of Construction Economists) was formed from various national institutions that represent quantity surveyors, with the aim of promoting the profession at a European level.




RICS Commercial Professional Group


This Group discusses a range of topics affecting Chartered Surveyors within commercial agency practice. The agendas typically include research, development of guidance notes, and education and CPD. Meetings are held in London with dial-in facilities also available.




RICS UK Quantity Surveying and Construction Professional Group Board

Meetings held quarterly to discuss areas of mutual importance between RICS and SCSI involving the QS Professional Group.




RICS Red Book 

This Committee was set up to between RICS UK and other jurisdictions to discuss and address any updates or revisions necessary for the Red Book.