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Why Join the SCSI?

The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland is an internationally recognised professional body that provides Surveyors with a valuable designation, a mark of excellence that is valued throughout the property and construction industry worldwide.

Professional Recognition

One of the most important aspects of membership of the Society of Chartered Surveyors is recognition within your profession. Becoming a member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland means you have achieved the regulated high professional standard and are competent in all areas of your work in the property and construction industry. You are gaining a valuable professional qualification in addition to your academic qualification and an elite professional standing within the industry.

Quality Assurance

The SCSI qualification — Chartered Surveyor — is a mark of quality assurance. It demonstrates to employers, colleagues and the industry as a whole that you adhere to the highest international professional and ethical standards. The Society is accountable to its members and the public: we aim to provide the highest standards in education and training; to protect members and public through strict regulation of ethics and standards; to provide advice to organisations such as government; and to publish market information and research. Becoming a member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland means that you adhere to the highest standards of professional practice.

International Voice

By becoming a member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland you gain a portable globally-recognised qualification which enables you to be part of an international community with opportunities to network with other top quality property professionals. You will also gain unprecedented access to all the latest information, advice and debate on emerging issues from the world of property and construction.

Career Development

Being member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland will fast-track your career and optimise your earning potential both in your own country and internationally. Chartered status is the gateway to senior management roles and increased earning potential

Competitive Advantage

A Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland qualification is highly regarded — not only by your employers but by everyone you come into contact with in business. It sets you apart and ensures your CV makes its way to the top of the pile when pursuing career opportunities in Ireland and around the world. Being a Chartered Surveyor can provide you with a competitive advantage against non members in the property and construction industry. You will have a distinct edge in terms of the quality of your qualification, commitment to continuing professional development and the assurance that you belong to a regulating body.

"Having worked with a multidisciplinary professional practice in Dublin and a private practice in the midlands for a number of years I have always understood the importance of the Chartership qualification. However, it was not until I opened up my own practice in 2007 that I fully appreciated the full benefits that the Chartership gives me. One of the first questions that most commercial practices and clients ask me is “Are you a full member of the SCS?” I consider the Chartership to be essential in order for me to generate business and get instructions especially in the current economic climate. It is the industry benchmark in terms of qualifications”.

Andrew O’Gorman MSCSI — Chartered Building Surveyor

“I am travelling the world at present and I am currently based in New Zealand. Having an internationally recognised qualification like the Chartership has helped me greatly in terms of securing relevant employment in surveying while abroad”.

Cormac McCoy MSCSI — Chartered Quantity Surveyor

“I graduated from college in 2007 and I currently work with Irish Estates Management Ltd. I have almost one year completed of my APC. Already I can see that the Chartership is the ‘Gold Standard’ in terms of qualifications for the industry that I work within. While it is a demanding process, it provides me with a focus and structure to develop my surveying skills and I really enjoy the challenge”.

Mark O’Reilly Probationary Member — Building Surveying Division