New president of Chartered Surveyors calls for break with failed boom and bust cycle of the past

13 August 2020 SCSI


Micheál Mahon says focus must be on a sustainable construction and property sector


Thursday 13th August 2020. The new President of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland has said that the country needs a sustainable construction and property industry if progress is to be made in addressing the housing crisis and our infrastructural deficit.


Micheál Mahon, a chartered quantity surveyor from County Wexford told the SCSI’s AGM that the country had to break with the failed boom and bust cycle of the past.


Mahon described the Society – which has 5,000 members - as the independent voice of the property and construction sector and said it was ideally placed to make a real contribution in addressing the housing crisis.


Recently Mahon, who is also Chair of the Construction Industry Council,  presented the findings of the SCSI’s ‘Real Cost of New Housing Delivery Report 2020’ which found that the cost of delivery of a new 3 bed-semi house in Dublin has increased by €41,000 to €371,000 over the last four years.


He said that if the Government was serious about tackling the housing crisis and building the 30,000 to 35,000 homes which are required it needs to tackle the significant increases which have occurred in housing delivery costs as a matter of urgency.


As expected, the AGM – which was held in the Burlington Hotel this year to facilitate social distancing for those attending in person – was mainly an online event.


Mahon is founder and MD of MGM Partnership a leading chartered quantity surveying and chartered project management practice.


The company is actively involved in the delivery of hotel, residential, educational, primary care and nursing home developments across the country.




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