Geomatics Surveying - The Career

Geomatics Surveyors map, measure and interpret the world around us. In Geomatics Surveying, you could find yourself working in dozens of different all over the world.

Geomatics surveyors use the latest state-of-the-art survey equipment, employ satellites and aerial imagery and work with advanced survey and geographic information software (GIS) systems to provide solutions, expertise and knowledge that address the needs of individuals, contractors, state agencies, government departments and multinational organisations.

Services that are provided for include, topographical surveys, setting out surveys, 3D laser scanning, internal dimensional measurements of buildings, utility surveys, legal boundary surveys, aerial LiDAR surveys, building information modelling, flood mapping/modelling and structural movement monitoring to name a few. 

The continuous advancement of technology in the property, land and construction industries and the appetite of governments and the private sector for real-time and accurate spatial information allows the Geomatics Surveyor to capitalise on highlighting the benefits of the services and advice Geomatics Surveyors offer.

Modern surveying equipment and innovative methods of spatial data capture is changing the image of Geomatics surveying from the ‘mucky boot’ surveyor to a provider of authoritative spatial data. With green shoots emerging in most built environment industries, the SCSI look forward to seeing a rise in students considering this exciting profession as a future career.

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