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Experience Guidance for Building Surveyors


Applicants are required to attach a description of experience of duties commensurate with those of a Building Surveyor:

Employed on a fulltime basis for a minimum of 2 years (or the equivalent on a part time basis) in the last 10 years, with appropriate experience in each of the following areas:

  1. Construction Technology including Building Pathology,
  2. Condition surveys and Building Measurement
  3. Building Control Regulations, Building Regulations and Planning Acts/Regulations. And, at least one of the following areas:
  4. Design and specifications,
  5. Building services,
  6. Health & Safety regulations,
  7. Contract Administration / costing,
  8. Project Management,
  9. Other specialisation e.g. sustainability, energy rating, fire safety, asset management conservation
  10. Such other experience as may be considered appropriate by the admissions board



Can demonstrate particular specialised knowledge in any one of these areas in recent years with prior experience in other areas

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