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Experience Guidance for Quantity Surveyors

Experience of performing duties commensurate with those of a Quantity Surveyor, has been defined by the Registration Body as follows:

“Employed on a fulltime basis for a minimum of the specified years (or the equivalent on a part time basis), with appropriate experience engaged in each of:

  1. Pre-contract construction estimating or cost planning or cost advice

  2. Preparation of construction contract documents, bids or tenders

  3. Post contract construction cost management, valuation, contract management or final accounts


Can demonstrate particular specialised knowledge in any one of these areas in recent years with prior experience in the other areas”

It is recommended that you provide;

  • Name and details of previous employment

  • A list of specific projects to demonstrate the appropriate experience:

    • A detailed description of your personal involvement

    • Examples of the scope and range of your experience

    • Specific quantity surveying tasks undertaken

  • Any other relevant information

All information will be received in strictest confidence.