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SCSI Rejuvenating Ireland's Small Town Centres 2018

The decline of our small towns, in particular their main thoroughfares, is a real challenge and concern for all, particularly those that live and rely on its success for their livelihood. Our Report is for those community groups and local authorities to adopt so that practical issues faced by retailers and other business groups can be addressed and therefore help promote a return to a vibrant environment.

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The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland Commercial Property Review and Outlook 2018

Activity and growth continues across all commercial property types in 2017 and its particularly encouraging to see that activity is also being experienced outside of Dublin. This is very welcome when one considers that the country is emerging from the worst recession in its history. Unemployment now stands at just 6% - down from over 16% - which is at or close to full employment and which illustrates the dramatic progress which has been made in recent years.